Stefan Petranek (b. 1977) is an image-based artist and Associate Professor of Photography and Intermedia at Herron School of Art & Design at UI Indianapolis. Working with subjects that range from genetics to climate change, his work explores how contemporary culture, especially through advances in science and technology, affects our perception of nature.

As a 2021 Critical Mass Finalist and awardee of the 2018 Christel DeHaan Artist of Distinction Award, he regularly exhibits work nationally and internationally. Recently his work has appeared in The Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery (2023), The Mary Byrd Gallery at The University of Augusta (2023), The Ellen Noël Museum in Texas (2022), The Dittmar Gallery at Northwestern University (2021) and the Lishui Photography Festival in China (2021). Petranek's series The Future is Broken, Brain Tumor Diaries, and The Genetic Portrait Project have all received critical recognition.