Creative Ultrasonics: A STEAM Pathway for Cross Disciplinary Student and Faculty Engagement in Higher Education. This project was an interdisciplinary student engagement between art students taking an introductory photography course and biomedical engineering students to explore the potential of ultrasound imaging as a visualization tool for both artistic and scientific pursuits. Students were introduced to basic ultrasound theory and then got to work with the technology over three work sessions. This initiative started in 2021 when the IU Department of Radiology reached out to me about ways we could collaborate between the arts and sciences. I worked with 7 other faculty and staff at Indiana University School of Medicine's Department of Radiology & the Purdue Biomedical Engineering faculty on the IU Indianapolis Campus where I teach to create a novel student opportunity through a STEAM approach. This IU Indianapolis student and faculty interaction lead to a campus exhibition, a local radio interview on The Divinci Pursuit hosted by Mark Kesline, and an international showcase of creative and innovative uses of ultrasound at the Radiology Society of North America’s (RSNA) 2022 Annual Meeting where over 38,000 researchers from all over the world attended.  You can hear how the experience impacted students in this reflection video